Strike the hammer and unleash the fortune


SimplePlay launched a new Slot Game “Mighty Miner”!

An old miner found a golden pickaxe inside a mysterious gold mine. As soon as he took up the pickaxe, his muscles expanded and his shirt burst. He tried to use the golden pickaxe to dig through the mines and the pickaxe transformed into a golden hammer, and gold gushed out from the mines.

“Mighty Miner” is a 6-reel SuperReels slot. This is SimplePlay’s first SuperReels slot! On each spin, the number of reel positions on each reel can vary from 2 to 7, giving a maximum of 117,649 ways to win when all 6 reels have 7 reel positions! In “Mighty Miner”, players can also buy free games! Make an order before you spin and you will be guaranteed to win Free Spins in the next spin! Come and reveal the secret behind the golden pickaxe!

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