Colourful dice give splendid prize


SimplePlay has launched a new Table Game: Color SicBo!

Color SicBo is a popular carnival game in the Philippines played with three identical coloured dice. Each die has six differently-coloured faces. For each roll of dice, players have to predict which colours face up. This fast-paced game offers a range of special features:

  • Easy to Play: Color SicBo gameplay is highly intuitive and suitable for players of all skill levels. Players simply have to guess the number of dice with a certain colour facing up after each roll.
  • Immersive Carnival Experience: The game features excellent artwork, vibrant animation, as well as engaging voice acting in various languages, guaranteeing players an immersive carnival gameplay experience.
  • Winnings up to 12x: There are multiple ways for players to win. Winnings can be as high as 12x when players correctly guess three dice of the same specified colour as the game outcome.
  • Real-time Chip Animation: The game boasts real-time chip animation, where each player’s bets are reflected on the tables of all other players, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere.

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