Putting out the flame wins the game


SimplePlay has launched a new Slot Game “Guardian of Flame”!

According to Asian legends, there was a lion-shaped mythical creature who had a horn on its forehead and scales all over its body, and a green bell around its neck. It was worshipped as the “Guardian of Flame”. During ancient times, some Asians believed that placing sculptures of this mythical creature at different parts of the cities can prevent fires and other disasters, as well as maintaining law and order of the cities. Its main duty was to keep the fire beast at bay so the cities could be free from fires.

“Guardian of Flame” is a 3x5-reel, 30-line slot. The Free Game Feature can be triggered by collecting a required amount of any of the two Scatter Symbols. Collecting 80 Scatters 1 leads to Free Games with extra Stack Wilds. Collecting 60 Scatters 2 leads to Free Games with up to multipliers of 24x! Fight against the fire beast with the “Guardian of Flame”, and protect the wealth in the city now!

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