The dynamite opens the way to jackpot


SimplePlay has launched a new Slot Game “Bomber Squad”!

Two robbers are trying to break into the vault for all the gold held inside. They need to knock out the guards, collect items and make their way to the vault. There, they will use the dynamite to blow up the door and get the gold inside the vault.

“Bomber Squad” is a 4x5-reel, 1024-way slot. It comes with a Free Game Feature allowing players to choose from multi-options, allowing them to choose from dynamites that give them different numbers of free spins with different sets of Wild Multipliers during the free spins. There is a mystery option which gives players a random number of free spins and a random set of Wild Multipliers. Players can get up to 25 free spins and enjoy Wild Multipliers up to x20! Help the “Bomber Squad” to get all the riches inside the vault!

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