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SimplePlay launched an electronic version of Baccarat!

It is a brand-new game type for SimplePlay. Known as Table Games, SimplePlay would like to include electronic versions of popular table games and leisure games associated with dice or poker.

As the most popular table game in Asia, Baccarat would be our first Table Game!
  • Card Authentication: Every card in a shoe is encrypted and shown in the form of hash value. There is a public key to verify every card to make sure the games have been played in a fair manner.
  • Bidding Squeeze: As one of the favourite features among Asian players, some tables allow bidding squeeze. At SimplePlay, the player with the highest bet gets to enjoy the privilege of squeezing the cards!
  • Fancy Themes: SimplePlay spends a huge effort on creating an immersive experience. There are gorgeous dealers, and lively backgrounds. The themes change regularly to keep the lobby amazing.
  • Avatar: Every player in SimplePlay can choose an avatar as a representation. Other players can see the avatars of the top winners and biggest winners of their own tables.
  • Real-time Chip Animation: Whenever a player places bets, it will be reflected at all players' tables. Every player can see new chips adding into the betting area, making the game more lively!
  • Top Bet & Big Winners: At every table, players who have placed top bets and the big winners can be found. They can be seen by all players playing in that table.
  • Portrait / Landscape: SimplePlay’s Table Games allow both portrait and landscape modes of display on mobile devices. Both modes have been re-engineered for greater experience.

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