[New Fishing Game] Take your winnings to the next stage


SimplePlay has launched a brand-new Fishing Game: “Lustrous Ocean”!

As one of the pioneers in Fishing Games, SimplePlay’s “Lustrous Ocean” is taking this game type to the next stage!

  • Stage system with branching storylines: Players need to reach the required amount of fish or winnings to proceed to the next stage. Different options can lead to different scenarios, giving different experiences to players! This concept is new to Fishing Games!
  • Stage Boss: Fish Kings appear as Stage Bosses at Stage III. Depending on the scenario, different Fish Kings are featured. Defeating the Stage Boss leads players to a Bonus Stage.
  • Bonus Stage: When Stage Boss is defeated, players will go to a Bonus Stage, where there is fish with variable payout up to 1,000x!
  • Free Bullet Wheel: When Free Bullets are won, players can spin the wheel to determine the number of Free Bullets they won, and the payout multiplier of these bullets!
  • Gem Powers: There are three Gem Powers: Freeze, Summon, and Machine Gun. To use these powers, players need to charge the power gauge of these powers. The gauge can be charged by making winnings!
  • In-game screen rotation: On mobile devices, both landscape and portrait layouts have been designed to fit different users’ needs. Players can rotate the screen any time and any way they like!

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