Fishermen Gold

Fishermen Gold

Welcome to the arena of Fishermen Gold, which brings your players instant online multiplayer gaming experience they have never had before! Easy to play, the game contains in-depth strategies yet to be explored! It is the game for those who pursue great excitement!

Enjoy a taste of fishing for gold

Catch tougher fish for better rewards

Venture for legendary creatures

Capture all the fish!

In the world of Fishermen Gold, players can simply raise the cannon multiplier to use greater cannons and nicer bullets to capture all the fish and earn rewards as high as


Fishermen Gold provides different buttons that serve different functions. They can help your players overcome their opponents and become the

‘Fishing King’!

Game Features


Auto Fishing + Multi-Lock On

Click the target types of fish on the payout table. The cannon will automatically fire at them, bypassing other non-target fish! It makes sure that players hunt their targets!

Free Bullets Available

In the game, players have chances of getting free bullets. They can hunt their targets more easily!

Cross-platform System

Fishermen Gold is a cross-platform system that is compatible on different devices from desktop computers to smartphones. It is also compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

The world of Fishermen Gold prepared by SimplePlay has all types of cannons and fishes for you. It also offers glamourous graphic and smooth gameplay! Your players can roam freely underwater and enjoy extraordinary fishing experience.

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