Christmas Free Spin Giveaway

Players can win free spins as they play specified Slot Games!

Free Spins are given out round-the-clock!

Each player can win up to 88 Free Spins each day!

Event Period

2020-12-21 12:00:00(UTC+8) - 2020-12-28 12:00:00(UTC+8)

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Spin designated games during the event

Game Rules

  1. During the event period, it will draw a winner from the players who are playing the designated games every 5 minutes. The winner will receive one of the prizes.

  2. Winners will receive a prize notification immediately in the game.

  3. The prize rewards will be sent to the players' gift box immediately.

  4. Each player is eligible for a maximum of one chance to win each day (from 12:00:00 (UTC+8) to 12:00:00 (UTC+8) the next day).

  5. Free Spins obtained from the event will not be eligible for the draw.

  6. Free Spins obtained from the event will not trigger and contribute to the jackpot.

  7. The rewards obtained in the event must be claimed and used from 2020-12-21 12:00:00 (UTC+8) to 2020-12-30 12:00:00 (UTC+8). Any remaining unused Free Spins will be automatically cancelled.

  8. Event rewards in the gift box will automatically disappear after the time of event collection.

Event Rewards (Daily)

  • 1st Prize x 30

    Free Spins x 88

  • 2nd Prize x 50

    Free Spins x 48

  • 3rd Prize x 70

    Free Spins x 38

  • 4th Prize x 138

    Free Spins x 28

All event rewards can only be used for the following games

  • EG-SLOT-A042
    Shu Dynasty

  • EG-SLOT-A038
    Sparta's Honor

  • EG-SLOT-A032
    The Masked Prince

  • EG-SLOT-A045
    Three Musketeers

  • EG-SLOT-A030
    Three Star God 2

  • EG-SLOT-A047
    Chang Thai

  1. Players can check the Reward List on the event page during the event.

  2. The reward quota will be reset at 12:00:00 (UTC+8) every day

Event Game List

  • Game Code

    Game Name

  • EG-SLOT-A008

    Red Chamber

  • EG-SLOT-A018

    Cheung Po Tsai

  • EG-SLOT-S008

    Cage Fight

  • EG-SLOT-A020

    Golden Chicken

  • EG-SLOT-S006

    Volley Beauties

  • EG-SLOT-S007

    Zombie Hunter

  • EG-SLOT-A021

    Fortune Cat

  • EG-SLOT-A022

    Saint of Mahjong

  • EG-SLOT-A023

    Prosperity Tree

  • EG-SLOT-A024

    Lucky Fa

  • EG-SLOT-A025

    Fortune Lion

  • EG-SLOT-A026

    Child of Wealth

  • EG-SLOT-C001

    Super 7

  • EG-SLOT-A027

    Shanghai Godfather

  • EG-SLOT-A028

    Double Happiness

  • EG-SLOT-C002

    Dragon 8

  • EG-SLOT-A029

    Cai Shen Dao

  • EG-SLOT-A030

    Three Star God 2

  • EG-SLOT-A031

    World Cup Fever

  • EG-SLOT-A032

    The Masked Prince

  • EG-SLOT-A033


  • EG-SLOT-A034

    Lucky Clover

  • EG-SLOT-A035

    Maya's Miracle

  • EG-SLOT-A036


  • EG-SLOT-A037

    Gold of Egypt

  • EG-SLOT-A038

    Sparta's Honor

  • EG-SLOT-C003

    Hoo Hey How

  • EG-SLOT-A039

    Six Swords

  • EG-SLOT-A040

    Dragon Slayer

  • EG-SLOT-A042

    Shu Dynasty

  • EG-SLOT-C004

    Big Three Dragons

  • EG-SLOT-A043

    Mystical lamp

  • EG-SLOT-A044

    Bomber Squad

  • EG-SLOT-A045

    Three Musketeers

  • EG-SLOT-A047

    Chang Thai

Terms and Conditions

  1. SimplePlay has the final decision on the eligibility of the participants.

  2. Any group or individual found to have won by dishonest means will be disqualified by SimplePlay.

  3. SimplePlay will be responsible for the payout from the Free Spins in the event.

  4. The payout from the Free Spins in the event will be deducted from the monthly fee in December 2020.

  5. If the payout from the Free Spins in the event is higher than the monthly fee, the balance will be deducted from the monthly fee.

  6. SimplePlay reserves the right to modify, change, explain the event and cancel this event. Any changes will be announced on the website without notice.

  7. In case of any dispute, SimplePlay reserves the final decision and the relevant decision will be final and binding.

Contact Us

Please contact SimplePlay’s CS Team for more details about this event.